No. 162 - 14th September, 2016

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This week Bath is filled with Austen fans from all over the world who have come here to take part in the 16th Jane Austen Festival, and it's absolutely wonderful to see. Not everyone is in costume, though a lot of people taking part are, but everyone is passionate about Jane and enjoying themselves thoroughly. Saturday was the Grand Regency Promenade through the city, and this week's edition of the Jane Austen News has some shots from the day for you to have a look at.
Also in this week's newsletter is a video from a few years back, but one which I've only just come across and which I wanted to include as it might be a new one for you too; Mr Darcy - Mitchell and Webb style. Expect Regency disco dancing...

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What's the Jane Austen News this week?
The second volume in the trilogy "The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen" is released; photos from the Grand Regency Costumed Parade; Jane and philosophy; Jane and world-changing women; Jane Bennet's dating advice, and a house linked to the Austen family is in peril. 

The Jane Austen Replica Necklace is Here!

We're delighted to say that your most requested item of Jane Austen jewellery has now arrived - Jane's cross necklace, recreated exclusively for us in citrine and 9ct gold-plated sterling silver.
Your Christmas present search might just be over!

Mr Darcy - Mitchell and Webb Style

A light-hearted skit from the comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb, parodying the scene in Pride and Prejudice in which Mr Darcy is reluctant to dance. Mr Darcy remains an excellent dancer, just not in the genre you might expect!

Life Among the Janeites

"Zombies, British hunks in breeches, successful movies — why is this 19th century British author 'equally welcome at Yale and on YouTube'?" Deborah Yaffe investigates in this extract from her book Among the Janeites: A Journey Through The World of Jane Austen Fandom.

Weekly Jane Austen Quiz

Owners and Occupiers: Can you remember which of Jane's characters lived where? We give you the location, all you have to do is tell us who it was who rented it or resided there. Good luck!

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